Welcome to beautiful Ballard, where “buy local” is a way of life.

Ballard businesses are getting into the festival spirit, and so many great things are happening in the neighborhood this weekend! Many of our brick-and-mortar businesses have special deals or events leading up to SeafoodFest or during the festival, so stroll our historic streets to explore all our small business community has to offer.

Small-scale, locally owned businesses create more prosperous communities that are connected and generate more tax revenue for our community. When we buy from independent, locally-owned businesses rather than national chains, a significant portion of our money is cycled back through our local economy. That’s how we roll, and we invite you to explore a variety of nearby shops and eateries just a short walk (and bike) from Ballard SeafoodFest. Explore through a local’s eyes and experience our world-class boutiques and restaurants.